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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Launch Time!! Our deodorants are GOING .. GOING.... GOING but NOT gone..

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Masquerade Market takes pride in conducting an extensive tester program before selling our products. I take pride in having a high quality control expectation for my products. You can rest assured that my deodorant recipes have been in testing with rave results for over 3 months.

The testers have raved about my deodorant to their friends and I'm getting countless requests to offer it for sale. Even though I know my product is above and beyond anything else I have ever tried from a handmade, natural and/or organic vendor, I was still trepidatious. But.. the coaxing broke me and I'm finally just jumping in.  "No time like the present, life is to short to wait till tomorrow" as my Grandfather used to say.

So I took the leap of faith, along with the rave reviews backed by my extensive knowledge of the ingredients of my products and personal experiences and offered up the best of the best!

Things I have learned from using handmade, organic and/or natural deodorant over the past 25+ years..handmade deodorant does not have to be grainy with hard undissolved balls of powder, it does not need to have any paraben based preservative or additives, oil does not have to seep from the container and the deodorant doesn't have to be so solid that it breaks the container.

Masquerade Market's deodorant is silky smooth with the perfect combination of naturally sourced organic ingredients, easy to apply and works too!  (after working 7 hours in the Louisiana Swampy heat doing landscaping.. I walked away with dirt under my pits but they were still smellin' fresh!)

You don't have to settle on sub par products for a healthy alternative and the pictures  of my products is proof.  In fact.. prove it to yourself.. give it a try!

Launch Product Pricing:
2.5oz dispenser: $7.00 + shipping
4.0oz jar: $12.00 + shipping

Interested in ordering?  PM me at MM's FB Page and I'll send you the EO and FO scent list.

=) Kristina

Ingredients in deodorants pictured: *Aluminum Free Baking Soda Deodorant *
Naturally sourced powders & organic unrefined oils & butters of:
arrowroot powder, aluminum free baking soda, magnesium hydroxide, kaolin clay, beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, vitamin e and essential oils for fragrance. 

Deodorant not pictured:
* Baking Soda Free Deodorant * 

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