Inspired by Nature, Made with Love

Friday, May 2, 2014

Busy Start of a Busy Weekend Planned..

I know I've been quiet and I haven't posted here much, but to be honest I simply have not had the time to keep up with all the media sites I share information on.

I have been posting on our FaceBook page, but have decided to keep the Etsy storefront closed, b/c frankly the fees I was paying a month were ridiculous.  I was paying more fees than what I was ultimately selling overall through them.  Most of my sales come from emails and PMs and paying $50/month for Etsy fees THEN paying PayPal fees on top of that simply has not been worth it to keep it open.  SOOOO.. if you want to place an order.. SHOUT ME OUT an email..  OR PM me on FB at: MasqueradeMarket

So... this morning was extremely jammed pack full of soap making..  we went from:

to THIS in 5b short hours!!  * Go ME!

(TOP LEFT): Au Naturelle, (BACK MIDDLE) Royal Rose Bud, (fFRONT MIDDLE) Org. Shea Lavender, (TOP RIGHT) Phoenix, (BOTTOM LEFT): Org. Shea Mystique with Rose Kaolin Clay, (BOTTOM MIDDLE) Org. EVOO w/ Act. Charcoal & Pumice & 
(BOTTOM RIGHT) Org. Hemp Seed Oil French Quarter Fig w/ French Green Clay. 

I simply can not wait to cut into these babies tomorrow - keep your eyes peeled for some soap porn ;)

But in the meantime, here is a picture of a beautiful rainbow.. ENJOY!

As always.. Blessings from me & mine to you & yours!
=) K