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Monday, July 14, 2014

Label Appeal....Really?

Over coffee this morning I concluded that I am a "bitchy soap maker" with a "superiority complex" ONLY because I choose to be truthful, moral, ethical, purposeful and educated. Note: I do not feel my worth is more superior, I feel I have higher business ethics.)

I was researching an ingredient for a new soap recipe and I read something that threw me for a loop, something I still can't fathom. It's sneaky, manipulative, unethical & frankly it makes me sickening mad.
A Board Member of a top International Soap Guild and successful soap maker told someone to add something to their recipe at the lowest percentage possible (1-2%) just to put it on their label as an ingredient - not for any benefits, purpose or reasoning ONLY to have it listed.. she called it "label appeal" 


Label Appeal?


And while I'm quoting, she also said (quote) "Can't hurt... but not sure if there is a huge benefit... other than label "ooh and aah"!" (end quote)

(respect lost totally. 100% shot.. GONE)

I buy some of the most expensive ingredients to put in my products for their benefits.. NOT label appeal. I create products to help people's skin ailments.. NOT label appeal. I create products that do not use ingredients that have proven disastrous to the environment or associated with animal cruelty. Not just to throw cruelty free on my label for APPEAL. I buy Organic, Virgin, non-GMO ingredients- some which cost up to $35.00 an ounce, for their benefits, not fricken label appeal.

Reading crap like this and knowing a respected member of the soaping community suggested this practice to another soaper makes me sick and I am quickly losing faith in the "handmade" soap industry. 

Sadly, I'm learning that if it isn't made by me or a trusted friend I will NOT believe the label, ever...

So this leads me to wonder.. what do people look for when buying handmade soap?  Is it the shape, color or claims of improved skin?  Please take a few minutes to share with me what your deciding factors in choosing a soap are.. the curiosity is killing me.

(multiple answers accepted & answers are anonymous)

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=) Kristina