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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Busy Day Indeed....

The morning started around 4:45am with the flashing of light through my windows and the crackling of thunder. For everyone that knows me, knows I love a good ole' thunderstorm, the more thunder the better.

Feeling the urge to get up out of bed, I quickly got dressed, got the coffee pot going and I organized myself to make some soap. Shea Balm, Beeswax Lotion & 3 batches of soap later I'm now officially done with today's creating.

 I also had to revamp my jar labels to reformat on my computer and I had to do the same for my soap labels. Thing is, no matter how much I reformat my soap labels, they will NEVER fit my soap. My soaps are just too large for the 8.5" circumference it allows. Being that I stand firm and proud for the size bars that I make, I refuse to budge to make my bars smaller to fit the bands. So, I'm going to have to come up with a new solution for my soap labels.

 Meh, all in good time.. right? So now that I have 9+ hours of work under my belt for the day.. I'm going to hang up my apron, sit down with my best friend (yes Honey that's you) and watch some good ole' Argentine soccer.

 So until Tomorrow... Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

 =) Kristina

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