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Friday, October 18, 2013

Quietly Planning ..

I've been quiet lately, but if you listen closely you might still be able to hear me shuffling around behind the scenes.

Even though I've been extremely busy and my time is limited, I'm still dreaming of our next big event for our wonderful cottage store. I am still making soaps, lotions and potions for our next big announcement. 

I just don't make soap to make it.  I don't follow trends or jump on the latest craze bandwagon.  I don't copy recipe's, I create my own (however I may have been inspired by some that I have seen.)   I haven't just made a couple "good" batches of soap then slapped a label on and started selling it.  This venture has been YEARS in the making.  I truly LOVE making soap... soap that I designed and created from my hours extensive research over the course 3 years. Soap that is top notch quality! NOTHING makes me happier then when a customer shares with her friends that my soaps are the best they have ever used.  THAT is my goal and THAT is what I strive for .. with each.. and ..every... batch.

Masquerade Market creates it's own pathway and carves it's own reputation of being ONE OF A KIND. A One of a Kind business that not only creates for EACH established customer, but for future customers as well.

There is NOTHING I love to do more than to create products for an individual, to meet THEIR specific needs. That is why I created specific product lines like our Phoenix and Nuthin' Nutty lines.  Those products were inspired by people I had just met along the path's life took me as well as extremely important people in my life. You ALL are my inspiration and I pray that I can continue to be inspired, to design, create and offer products that meet the needs for all of you.

From the bottom of my heart.... THANK YOU ALL for your continued support and inspiration.  Masquerade Market wouldn't be as successful as we have been without you all.

<3 Kristina

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